The olive trees at n u m b e r are grown on the grassy slopes of Waiheke Island, where the warm temperatures and poor soils that make the excellent world-acclaimed Waiheke wines, also enable the olive fruit to obtain optimum ripening and flavour. They are are a mixture of Mediterranean varietals that have all been acclimatised to New Zealand conditions. They have been selected for their good growth and cropping yields.

n u m b e r extra virgin olive oil, is produced from selected, hand-picked olives from our olive grove on Waihake Island and other New Zealand groves. We pick in the late summer, when the oil content of the olives is at its best. The olives are cold pressed on the day of harvest, using modern hygienic extraction techniques, and the resultant extra virgin olive oil is then stored in stainless steel containers to settle naturally for a short period before bottling. Once bottled, it is best consumed within 2 years of the harvest date although its excellent qualities will carry it well past this date.

Our extra virgin olive oil has an aromatic fresh fruity taste and a beautiful green freshness that enhances all foods it is combined with. Store it in a cool cupboard and serve it with breads, or drizzle it over vegetables, salads and pasta dishes.

Extra virgin olive oil has by far the highest percentage of good monounsaturated fats which protect against cholesterol deposits in your body and actually reduce your cholesterol. Not only does it benefit your heart, but as olive oil contains the antioxidant vitamin E and oleic acid, it aids normal bone growth, helps brain function and is also shown to prevent aging of body tissues and organs.

n u m b e r is 100% natural olive oil, and 100% grown and produced in New Zealand. A natural vegetable product, which is good for your health and highly beneficial whatever your age or lifestyle.  Proven through the centuries as a major source of health and well being for young and old. It has no additives or preservatives. Use it every day!

We hope you enjoy this release of our n u m b e r extra virgin olive oil. It is a boutique product and as such, is in limited supply each year.